Fuckup Nights is a global movement that helps people break free from the paradigms that limit their lives. Every month we organize events around the world where speakers share the stories behind their professional fuckups, using failure to encourage difficult, vulnerable, and meaningful conversations.

The stories of failed business, commercial relationships that ended sour, the products that had to be removed from the market. We tell everything without filters.



Anna Di Carlo 

(Founder Fuckup Nights Hamilton)

Fucking up is a part of the journey! Anna has fucked up about a million times and lived to tell about it. She is the proud founder of Fuckup Nights Hamilton and owns a successful Hamilton based event planning and design company, Forward Events + Design.  Anna was drawn to Fuckup Nights and knew it was something she wanted to bring to a city full of entrepreneurs who could learn from each other's mistakes and comebacks. 

Donna Marie-Ieluzzi

(Social Media Manager)

Donna-Marie Ieluzzi is a social media enthusiast and a proud Fuckupper in the City Of Hamilton. She’s an open book…so talk to her about fucking up and she’ll gladly create a safe space to share some stories!

Join us on September 23, 2020 for a special edition of Fuckup Nights Hamilton hosted in the alley at Church 444

Tickets include non-alcoholic beverages and individual snacks.

*Due to social distancing guidelines we will be selling a very limited number of tickets so be sure to grab yours now!



Chef Katarina Poletto (@modernbettycrocker) is an inclusive gluten free and vegan food innovator on a mission to change the way people share dessert. Through her bakery and baking mix manufacturing company Dolled Up Desserts (@dolledupdessertsbaking), she creates opportunities for people to share positivity, warmth and friendship by baking and eating inclusive dessert. Inclusive desserts are cookies, cakes and pastry that break down the physical barriers to consumption for those with dietary differences (allergies, vegan lifestyle), as well as break the social barriers regarding the quality and ethics of gluten free and vegan baked goods. 


With a background in social work and health science research, she started Dolled Up fresh out of university without a business plan, capital or any idea what she was getting into. 4 years later, Dolled Up has a new retail outlet, a growing commercial bakery division, and a loyal following of bakers and treat lovers.

Maliha is a Toronto-based product manager with almost a decade of experience in tech. From startups to scale-ups, and enterprises, Maliha has her fair share of experiences in working strategically with companies and launching experiences for customers that make their lives better. Maliha has worked with known companies such as Accenture, MLSE, BrainStation, and more recently, TWG. 


Outside of work, Maliha has several interests. She is co-leading ventures for an investment fund called QUAAF. QUAAF is a student-directed hedge fund managing a portion of the university's endowment funds. She also sits on the board for Fifty for Free, a non-profit that she helped launch. Fifty for Free provides a free financial literacy program that incorporates basketball skills training and holistic personal development to 50 youth from underserved communities. The program just wrapped up its third successful year!

Anna genuinely believes the planning behind any event should be creative, easy, and enjoyable. Always up for a party, she began her career in event planning and design over ten years ago working as the Director of Events for a boutique Toronto based event venue. Anna has had the pleasure of working with some of the best clients in the world including celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and Toronto's elite. Since then she has been nominated for Venue Manager of the Year by BizBash magazine and was featured as "The Young Professional of the Day" on YP Daily by Notable Life (formerly Notable TV). A newcomer to Hamilton, Anna was instantly drawn to the city's love for the arts and knew she wanted to be a part of its independent and diverse spirit. Anna thinks of Hamilton as a place where she can merge her creativity and event expertise to create experiences that entertain, inspire and engage.