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5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When it comes to planning your own wedding, confidence in taking on such a huge ordeal can range anywhere from “no idea” to “no sweat”. Well, for brides who don’t know where to start, hiring a planner to help them is a no brainer. But for those couples who have a good hold on their wedding planning may not feel like the extra help isn’t financially worth the investment. As a seasoned planner and someone who has worked with both types of clients (those who have a handle on their wedding planning and those who don’t) I say it is absolutely worth the investment and can actually end up saving you money.

1. Planners can help with your budget constraints and legal contracts.

We can help to stretch your budget because we know what elements will have more of an impact on your event. I had a client I worked with on their day of coordination and they wanted to give their guests little saplings as a party favor. Cute idea but expensive and wasteful. The saplings were about $1000, and the wedding was in November (not the best time to plant trees) so not only were guests limited as to what they could do with the saplings but half of them got left behind. We would have recommended our client ditch the late season saplings and opt for personalized mini bottles of limoncello instead, yum! What about venue and vendor contracts? These are two items that almost never get read fully and where the most important details are overlooked. Planners can help you understand what the contracts mean and how to avoid being overcharged.

2. Planners will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track.

We will maintain your wedding vision from start to finish. Vendors and service providers deal with multiple weddings, sometimes on the same day. A planner will be focused only on your special day and will push to make sure everything goes according to your unique plan. If your vision includes a tent in the middle of October, we can make it happen and find creative ways to keep your guests warm.

Hire a planner who will focus on your unique wedding vision.

3. Planners can keep things stress-free.

From a vendor's perspective, working with a wedding planner instead of directly with the couple or a loved one on their behalf can keep things streamlined and stress-free. Vendors would rather bother a planner days before a wedding than an already stressed out couple directly. It just makes things easier for everyone. Additionally, most planners have great relationships with their vendors which benefits their clients as they can extend exclusive discounts to them.

4. Planners can get you a vendor discount.

There are three things that make a great planner; being exceptionally detail oriented, out of the box creative thinking and incredible vendor relationships. Vendor relationships are so important because vendors will do things for planners that they normally wouldn’t do for anyone else. We have been in situations where our clients receive their rentals, aren’t happy and vendors replace the items at no additional cost because of the relationship they have with the planner. Remember, planners bring vendors repeat business where as a couple planning their own wedding will most likely only use that vendor once. It’s worth it for vendors to do what they can to keep their planners coming back.

Planners can help you save money while keeping you on budget.

5. Planners can handle ceremony to reception flipping.

For all those couples who got their wedding planning down let’s not forget how crazy the day of can be. A day-of coordinator is ideal especially if your celebration involves logistical planning like flipping the ceremony space in a short time period so it's ready for the reception without guests seeing or hearing it happen. Having a planner who can bring in vendors who are familiar with the venue can help to make this transition seamless and quick. Additionally, they can think of creative ways to make it happen so that your guests aren’t stuck watching staff drag tables across the venue.

Extra tip: Don’t get lead into thinking the venue’s coordinator will help you organize and plan all aspects of your wedding. Coordinators who come with the venue will only focus on the aspects of the wedding that apply to the venue. They will also only recommend their own vendors regardless of what their client wants or needs for their wedding. Having a seasoned planner in your corner who will fight for your unique wedding vision is key to getting what you want and having the best wedding day possible!