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Bringing your ideas to life with mood boards!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Mood boards have infinite uses in the design world, but let me tell you, they are one of the best ways to bring your event vision to life! This is why mood boards and inspiration packages are always included in our design process. They help you visualize the style and concept of any event and give you a clear idea of how to put colour schemes, images, materials and overall ideas together in a cohesive way.

Having a clear concept of what you are looking for, not only helps you make proper decisions regarding your event but it also helps your event planner adequately understand the mood and tone you are going for!

Here are 3 easy steps to create your own mood board.

1. Brainstorm your theme and vision: You might have some ideas in mind for the look and feel you want to achieve, but this is the time where you need to let your creativity get wild and get inspired by everything. Materials, colours, vibes, and words help too! For instance: romantic, rustic, bohemian, soft, dreamy, bold, colourful, classic, etc.  All of these will help you spec out the design elements you are looking for!

2. Collect your Elements and Inspiration: Now that you’ve narrowed down your ideas and most likely have a styling concept, you can start searching for images that will visually help you align them. Pinterest will be a great place to start as you can create individual boards to group different elements and categories!  However, any other images from social media, design galleries, stock photo sites and anything around you will help as well - just open your mind and explore!

3. Curate and start building your mood board: After spending some time getting inspired and curating some pictures that are consistent with your vision, you can start building your mood board. Yay! You are almost there. Start inserting the pictures that connect with you and remove the ones that might clash or don’t make sense. Also, don’t forget to highlight your colour palette with the primary colours of your design and voila! You are now looking at your amazing creation.

We also made it easier for you. We have created an amazing décor design mood board template with lots of details for you to get inspired! You can download it here (be sure to scroll down until you see the download button)!

Or you can try the following apps!

II Canva II Unfold II Pinterest II Moodzer II GoMoodboard .