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Love To Love You #L2LU

Updated: Feb 15

#L2LU Anna + Adam

How did you meet?

Anna: We met on Bumble..we have the tattoos to prove it!

Adam: We met on an online dating app - Bumble. My name isn’t Jordan, but I thought that was a cool name and I figured it would peak females interest. So I was Jordan....and it worked. I met Anna on bumble. Well Anna met Jordan on bumble, but I quickly let her know my real name, so she only knew Jordan for a blip in time.

What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?

Anna: When we met I noticed nothing specific about him because he was so shy he wouldn’t look at me for the first hour we were together. When he finally chilled out I was able to actually see his face and the first thing I noticed was his mouth.  He has sweet lips and a fantastic smile!

Adam: Definitely her curly hair and her confidence. Prior to meeting in person the thing that I noticed and was intrigued by was a tattoo on her shoulder which said “stay foolish” I liked that.

What is the best quality your partner possesses?

Anna: He can turn a trip to the grocery store into a hilarious adventure! He is always smiling, always looking on the bright side, always laughing and very loving. One of the smartest people I have ever met and someone I look up to and strive to be more like. He is the best decision I have ever made.

Adam: Anna is loving and dedicated. She’s got a ton of great qualities that make her unique but those are the top two.

Tell us something else!

Anna: He hates giving me foot rubs because I ask for them all the time (like, no shit I ask daily on the hour) but he does it anyway.

Adam: Anna laughs all the time. She speaks loudly in close proximity to you when she’s excited for either a good or bad reason. She smells pretty. She’s very bossy about foot rubs. If she wants something done she will repeatedly ask until it happens. She gives everything her all. She’s a fun lady to be around.

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