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Love To Love You #L2LU

Updated: Feb 13

#L2LU Kate + Darcy

How did you meet?

Darcy and I met...and then we really met. We grew up in rural Nova Scotia going to rival high schools. We went to the same parties, had some friends in common and knew OF each other for years. A decade later and 1900km away, my friend is swiping away on MY Tinder looking for my Mr Right (I had completely given up after a series of BAD Tinder dates). When I reviewed his "matches" for me, I saw one of them was Darcy and realized I knew him! He had also moved to Toronto. We chatted and tried to make plans that never happened for 4 months. Finally we went on Date #1 and I was done with Tinder then and there.

What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?

Kate: Two things: 1) his mustache! He was growing it for Movember and it actually looked pretty good :) and 2) the instant connection. It was like being home. We were both immediately comfortable like we had known each other for years (which we kind of had).

Darcy: Her eyes. She immediately made eye contact and it felt like she was really there and present with me.

#L2LU couple Kate + Darcy

What is the best quality your partner possesses?

Kate: He is really nice. In the beginning I kept wondering "is he too nice?" as if that was a bad thing. Mostly I think we're not used to being around people like Darcy. He is genuine and compassionate and inherently good. It attracts people to him in a way that is also very sexy ;)

Darcy: This isn't a cop out but her best quality is that she is so good at everything. Kate is really well rounded and has so many skills. She's very smart.

Tell me something more :)

Kate: He's got the best butt I've ever seen!

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