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Scaling Back and Reimagining Your Dream Wedding

As 2020 takes an unprecedented and interesting turn, we know there are many couples deliberating their upcoming nuptials. Different options for wedding planning is one of the essential services that we offer here at Forward Events + Design - which is why it’s super important for us to keep up with the trends and help out as much as we can in times like these, and beyond.

So, what exactly is a microwedding and why should you consider it?

The wedding bells are still big and ring loudly. The Knot says this: “ think of a microwedding as a beautiful cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding—and it might just be the perfect compromise to suit your style.”

Couples are gravitating towards them more and more because they incorporate a level of intimacy you don’t get with a traditional wedding format, as well as all of the important details, just on a smaller scale. If you’ve always dreamed of a big wedding but are starting to realize your big wedding may end up costing you big bucks, here are some key points on how you can re-envision your wedding:

1) Small(er) guest list limiting to only inviting close family members and friends

Do you really need to invite your 4 th cousin, twice removed? Or that uncle you haven’t seen in 15years? Or that friend you barely make time for? It’s hard to make the cut but in doing so you can create an atmosphere of love amongst your guests, filling your wedding with people you hang out with on the regular.

2) More (creative) venue options

Once you’ve narrowed down your guest count you can start looking for the perfect venue or spot to get married. Smaller numbers mean more options of where you can get married. Think of something unique like restaurants, breweries, art galleries, cliff tops, lounges, lofts, barns, vineyards, art galleries, small tents, lounges, and warehouses!

Scaling back? Try an intimate backyard wedding!

3) Quality experience

Microweddings may be smaller, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on providing your guests with an exceptional experience. It allows you to put money towards items you really want at/for your wedding like food and drink. This is the part of your wedding you’re going to want to ensure you don’t compromise on quality. Now that you are saving money on not springing for a big venue and big guest numbers, you can reallocate some of that budget on extra canapés, specialty cocktails, a higher end bar rail and that extra course. A little more money also means a little more décor and really being able to express your own sense of style and personality through your wedding.

4) Keeps costs down

Nowadays, couples are looking to save money for a family or to buy a house instead of splurging on a big wedding.  

5) Flexible budget

Lastly, the extra money you have for your wedding budget gives you the opportunity to get a little help from a day of event planner. Planners are an excellent and smart investment, as they not only keep you on track and on budget, but they can also help you think of ideas for décor and source things like guest gifts, table numbers and vendors. Most notably, planners (like us!) are there to ease your mind and alleviate stress that comes with planning your big day!

A terrific example of a microwedding is the Pop-Up Chapel Co. , curated and pioneered by Love By Lynzie . It’s an intimate and one-of-a-kind experience that uses the same principles as a microwedding, focusing on what matters most - you and your significant other. And guess what? We’re happy to announce that we are Pop-Up Chapel ambassadors! Hamilton’s wedding scene is constantly growing and we are delighted to bring you this #betterthancityhall ceremony. In light of the developing news and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be announcing more details as they are made available to us, but we wanted to get you excited in the meantime!

Smaller guest sizes mean more venue or non-venue options!

During this time of scaling back, postponing and/or thinking of alternative options for your wedding, take initiative, try your best to be patient and stay calm. The Knot suggests: “ should you and your partner decide to postpone your wedding, the first people to contact are the ones tasked with making it happen.

Your pros should be understanding of your decision and can help provide additional guidance on next steps, from securing a future date to contacting guests.” Taking the necessary steps will ensure your big day still happens the way that you RE-imagined!