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The Wedding Planner - What to Wear

We talk about wedding and event planning all the time...but what about the PLANNER? Who is SHE? Remember the iconic J Lo film, “The Wedding Planner?” Well, that’s not exactly her anymore, but she deserves a special mention for sure because well, HELLO - it’s Jenny from the Block! Sweet, sleek and chic was the name of the game but there’s levels to it now.

Looking the part is just as important as the design plan and mind map you come up with. Events have evolved over the years, so should the planners! In 2020, wedding/event planners are more colourful, bold, and extra creative in every aspect. Pristine details, out of this world (ie: Stormi World) activations and ideas, and dreamy decor are at the heart of every event. With all of that creativity, there’s style energy to compliment it.

Women are owning their sense of individuality and breaking norms, barriers, and standards as to what a profession should look like. They are trailblazers - taking on the streets and cafes by storm! There’s a way to stay professional, but look like a badass while doing it too!

For example, the power suit is taking on many forms. Pair sneakers with a suit? Talk about risque...BUT WE DO IT ANYWAY. That’s the beauty of this style transformation. Our work is not validated by what we show up to a client meeting or event wearing. Our WORK is validated by our WORK - the hours, the late nights, the emails back and forth. NOT the decision to pair sneakers with a suit. Of course, staying polished and poise is a standard but you are what you wear so you should BE YOURSELF through that process!

Confidence is first on the itinerary. Then, you have to think about comfort and practicality - this will get you through the day too. Event Manager Blog shared their tips for dressing for success in the event industry:

1) Wear outfits with pockets

All types of event planners from wedding planners to corporate event planners love pockets! Your most important tools as an event planner sometimes need to be kept on your person at all times.”

2) Wear layers (or bring them)

During the tour of the space be sure to ask what the temperature is usually set at, and if it tends to get colder or warmer during the day and evening.”

3) Wear darker colours

Darker colors tend to come across as more professional, and help planners to blend in where needed.”

4) Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

Think about event planning as a fast-paced workout from very early hours in a day to very late hours, and sometimes this can be the routine for up to a week for some events!”

5) Don’t wear impractical bags

Look for nice backpacks you can use onsite and every day in the office. If you’re wanting to not have to carry a backpack to evening events and dinners, pack a small lightweight cross body purse you can pop into the backpack. Cross body bags are perfect for items you need with you at all times!”

When I look for business-wear inspo, I always turn to the flooded streets of New York Fashion Week. Working in the event industry is like Fashion Week - if you don’t show up, where were you anyways?

In the age of the woman (if you’re new here, welcome), there are certainly so many things that stand out. Self-expression won’t make you do your job better, but the visual of a woman honing in on her confidence while perfecting her craft is a sensational sight to see!

Sources: Event Manager Blog, photos courtesy of Pinterest