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We've got the trends for 2020!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

We did some research and wanted to share with you what the climate for events looks like in 2020; and the trend forecast is calling for lots of sunshine with a high chance of sustainability/minimalism, networking, and wellness. Being a creative means staying on top of these trends, all while doing it in a way that is authentic, innovative and unique.


It is as forward-minded as can be to make eco-friendly choices at this point of the game. Whether it’s the food on your plate, or how nifty the design plan is, you can bet your top dollar on sustainability and minimalism in 2020. Hello Endless states that “events will start thinking more holistically about what we can do to improve our impact [this year] - from banning single-use plastics, [...] to offering more plant-based catering. We will also see a rise in using recycled materials for event design.”


Creating an overall environment that is accessible, interactive, and engaging for your guests will encourage them to break the ice, as they say. It’s not easy talking to a new person, but if you’re strategic in your planning, you can make this a breeze! Event Manager suggests “creating interesting hubs for idea sharing [which] will help spur organic networking amongst attendees.”


We all want to feel good, which is why more people are planning and executing wellness events for both physical and mental health. Whether it’s to make a vision board, or do some yoga, these types of events have a positive impact on those who attend them. In fact, Social Tables says that “most planners agree that the more attendees can take care of themselves, the more they’ll want to engage with events.”

Other areas of growth for events in 2020:


➔ Events are going beyond the banquet hall into unconventional and multi-purpose spaces that provide a more modern setting and function and create an experience.

Hello Endless Events suggests that “unique venue experiences also open up a world of options for event planners - think studios, industrial lofts, farms, museums and more. Just be sure when choosing an exciting new location that matches your brand, event goals, and overall event mood.”

Improved transportation

➔ Thanks to companies like Uber and Lyft, events are being held in the downtown core or further to accommodate those venue goals!

Social Tables says to “capitalize on improved transportation by moving farther away from airports into authentic city experiences and venues.”

Engagement/Event Technology

➔ With app usage and smartphone activations on the rise, technology is being implemented more and more to make an event more engaging than ever!

Event Manager reports that “52% will spend more of their budget on making their event technology-friendly.”


➔ Personal touches and epic details are coming to the forefront of any event, with good reason.

Event Manager is calling it “extreme theming” stating that “themes that go a little deeper, offering more to attendees are becoming necessary to remain memorable.”

Food/Drink Offerings

➔ Maybe it’s a mobile bar, or mind-blowing dessert station - whichever it is, you can guarantee that your guests will be delighted by how cool you are and how different your event is!

Event Manager states that “stations or bars are in, and we aren’t just talking refreshments (although these are being cleverly adapted too). Mains, desserts or an intricate buffet are all becoming uniquely styled to stand out and make an impact.”

We have a lot to look forward to this year! We are more than planners, of course - we are creatives. Our team can’t wait to share the moments, milestones, and projects we get to plan with you in the upcoming months.

Now, since it’s the Roaring 2020s, let’s plan events as extraordinary as Gatsby’s, shall we?

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