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Wedding Planning: Collecting quotes and securing vendors

Planning a wedding can be an especially stressful time (duh!). What we hear a lot of from our clients is how overwhelmed they feel the moment they start sourcing quotes. Stay clam, read the following and think about these tips when you start looking to book your vendors.

Asking for Quotes

• The more information you give prospective vendors, the better. Try to be as specific as possible and include info like dates, times, quantities, location etc. • Put what you are asking for in point form. • Don't assume every vendor will know what you need just because they are in the biz. Be super clear and concise and let them know if you have any special requirements.

Be organized, be specific and be honest with vendors when requesting quotes.

Organization is Everything!

• First thing's first: organize an area on your computer or in your desk for where you will keep all your quotes. Have a chart set up for taking notes of who you've reached out to and the specifics of their quote (payment details, terms, perks etc). • Pick three vendors in each category to get a quote from.

• The fastest way to get overwhelmed when booking vendors is to reach out to too many vendors at one time. Go easy on yourself, do some research and reach out to the top 3 or 4 you identify with the most. • Testimonials are a great way to get a sense of how the vendor operates. How happy have people been with their services? • Most vendors will allow you to speak to one of their past or existing clients for references. • Not all vendors are priced the same. Understand that services will vary and by doing your research you will find the best vendor for you. Some vendors will give you a price break or a special deal but they do not have to. • Remember that your vendors are the people who bring the magic to your event!

Vendors make us all look good :)